The internet has returned!

My internet has finally returned!

Though I say that, I haven’t really done anything today that I deemed interesting. I have been cooped up at home, all day, waiting for the technician that my new Internet Service Provider had sent to set up the wirings.

He was supposed to arrive between 2pm to 5pm EDT. It wasn’t until 5:30pm that he had arrived. He was so late that I had almost fallen asleep waiting for him. No idiom intended.

I am just glad that I was able to get my internet back and get back to work. Though I managed to get some paper work done without my internet, there were still some things that were impossible to work on without any internet, such as securely accessing the Simply Accounting Manager to view and print reports and other materials.

Therefore, tomorrow I will be swamped with work. I will have to go to the office to pick up a box or two of things that needed to be completed before 5pm this Friday. In addition, I have my Law exam tomorrow… Although I did study today, honest I really did! I am still not confident that I will be able to do well.

Wish me luck!

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