The danger of neglectful driving

Just as I've mentioned the yesterday, I went out with my family for dinner. We had a nice all you can eat buffet at Tucker's Foodmarket.

I have never thought that I would be able to eat as much as I did yesterday. Perhaps it's because I haven't really had the time to eat a proper meal, as I have been working non-stop.

After dinner, my family decided to have some family bonding time and headed for the cinema to watch new released film.

Unfortunately, on our way there, we got rear-ended by another car. It was a red light, and we were stopped right before the line, a car came out of nowhere and bumped into us. The impact was so great, the car bumper broke and fell off, and we ended up in the middle of the main road. Thanks to my dad, who managed to swerved the car to avoid incoming traffic from another direction, we would have been in the center of a collision.

When the driver of the other car was asked what he was doing, he and his company both bent down to pick up something that has fallen. In my mind, questions as such "Why do both of them have to bend down and get it?" formed.

Needless to say, we never made it to the cinemas, but instead, spent those hours talking to police officers and filing a collision report. We also went to a had to go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital for health precaution.

When our family doctor heard of this, he insisted that we get a full check up. So today, I had to drag my feet into the snowy weather to drive to the doctor's clinic, together with the rest of my family. Though both my mum and dad complained the whole way about missing a day of work, they were unable to dispute that health comes first.

So to those who can drive, please have mercy on people such as myself and my family, do not take your eyes off the road!
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