Sunday, a rest day?

I'm really thankful to those who believed in Sunday being a rest day.

I woke up at this time just like any other day. Cleaned the coffee maker, put some fresh coffee beans, and turned it on. Cooked breakfast. What is the menu you asked? Freshly baked cinnamon buns, fresh Canadian bacon and eggs, pancakes for my picky sister, and boiling hot chicken soup.

Woke my dad up by threatening him. "If you don't wake up I'll go outside grab some snow and dump in on you". With that, he got up, put on some clothes, went outside, and started shovelling. He underestimated the amount of snow, so after I had awaken my brother, he asked both of us to help him shovel.

My brother and my dad left for church because my brother had music practice (He plays the drums). While I, after all that shovelling, it felt as if my body was a millisecond away from being frost bitten. I dashed to the bathroom and soaked myself in a long bubble bath to warm myself up.

I went to church with my family, just like any other Sunday. The only difference with today was the amount of slow cars travelling less than 30km/h on a 70km/h road because of the snow.

When we got home from church, I quickly put on some leggings, grabbed a thicker jacket, and wore boots instead of formal shoes, and ran back to the car.

My whole family had a reservation at an all you can eat buffet (Wok of Fame) as per my request (of course I had to pay for it *cries*) to celebrate my brother's birthday which was on the 23rd. Since their lunch service was until 3pm, my brother insisted that we stayed there until 3pm. Because it was his birthday celebration, my parents complied with his request...

My dad insisted that we spend the rest of the day as a family, so we all went to shoot each other with laser guns at Lazer Quest. I'm seriously at a disadvantage when it comes to shooting games... Though my aim is very accurate, I don't have the ability to shoot once I see an opponent. I'm more of a sniper type of person.

Those games were not enough for my dad, so he drove us all to Brunswick Bowl, literally across the street from Lazer Quest, to go bowling. With all these 'hand' activities, I think my hand gave up on me midway through our family bowling tournament. And I was winning too!

Our family always had a rule of losers pay for next meal decided by the winner, which was my sister. Since I already paid for lunch, the one after me, my mum, had to pay for bubble tea.

Not one wanted to have anything for dinner because of the heavy meal we had for lunch. So we skipped dinner, and made our way to one of those cinemas who show movies that were just taken out of regular theatres. Tickets were only $2 each instead of $9-$10 at the theatres.

In the end, I spent the whole day outside and it helped me get out of depression. Tomorrow, I will be torturing my boyfriend, I already informed him of it. I am looking forward to it.


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