Skating and Life lessons.

Hello again.

As it seems, I have a serious case of jet lag. I just woke up after sleeping for 8 hours.

But before that, early in the morning, I was asked to take my brother and my parents Godchildren and teach them how to skate. That was around 10am today.

I never thought that I would be able to skate around in the snow for 2 hours straight. The skates were really uncomfortable. Then I recalled back when I was 8 years old, my soccer coach used to say

"If you want to get comfortable with your soccer shoes, buy those with removable spikes and wear them for everyday usage. Change the spikes when you have a game".

I guess skates are similar.

The little ones took about 4 or 5 tumbles on solid ice before learning how to skate properly. Since they were able to skate in an hour, they were able to enjoy the feeling of skating for the next hour.

It was really fascinating to watch kids trying to learn. You'll be amazed by how fast they pick up things.

Do you recall your childhood days when you were learning how to skate or ride a bike?

I remember getting a couple of bruises and a scrape on my knees. But it think back then, the feeling of accomplishing something is greater than the bruises and scratches I gained.

Now, when grown ups think about "accomplishments" it usually involves promotion in their workforce. We tend to forget that simple accomplishment like being able to rise up from bed by ourselves. If we take things for granted, you'll never know what awaits you in the future.

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