Outdoor Winter 'Fun'

As it is a weekend, my dad decided we would do some outdoor activities, yes, in the freakishly cold snowy weather.

Having thought nothing of it, I went out with my Mum to go grocery shopping and buy the food that I wanted to eat, such as apples, grapes, corn flakes, baby carrots, jello, yoghurt, and other miscellaneous items.

When I arrived home, my entire family were all dressed up in skiing clothes. I was too shock to say anything, but I did find that I wasn't so shock not to have a proper thoughts on the matter. "HE WAS ACTUALLY SERIOUS?!"

So we travelled to the nearest park with a large hill and spent hours tobogganing. After which, we ate some lunch that my mum managed to whip out from the time frame of me dressing up in snow pants and vest... And mind you, I do not take long to dress up.

Still, my father thought that it wasn't enough family time, so he dragged us to nearest community centre with a skating rink, and we skated for a long while.

My brother's friend, who tagged along with us, slipped and fell, almost kissed my brother... It was funny in a way...

I guess that's my day... how did yours go?
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