My Father...

I hereby declare that I did not neglect to blog for the last five days. Don't worry my brain did not explore from my calculus exam.

This is what happened.

I got home around 6pm, ate dinner, took a shower, and started reading the laws and regulations for this year's tax season. Around 8pm, I felt my temperature rising, and got really dizzy. I took some medicine, but at 2am in the morning, my temperature rose to 40.5 degrees Celsius/104.9 Fahrenheit.

I called my Mum's cellphone (although her room was right below mine. Instead of my Mum picking up the call, my Dad answered. When I told him what was happening, he came to my room all dressed up with winter clothes.

Being the overprotective father that he is, he carried he to the van and drove to the nearest hospital despite my objections. He said I had to say regarding the matter...

To cut the story short, I had to spend the night in the hospital with multiple needle shots. Ouch.

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