Happy New Year

A couple of hours ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, and she asked: "What do you think of your accomplishment this year?"

My answer to her question might seem like bragging, but in all honesty, how I feel, is far from it. What others might think of my accomplishment, might be a curse I brought upon myself.

Compared to others who had been laid off work, I know they might hate me for saying this, but I'm not all that proud nor am I unhappy that I got to keep my job, as I get to put food on the table.

Working on accounting books all year long, without rest, isn't how I want my life to be. The money earned might be amazing, but it doesn't compare to the amount of worked put in. Social life and personal time to relax were sacrifices I had to make. To attain the respect from my colleagues and superiors.

Now that it's the New Year, it made me wonder 'what have I been doing?', 'what happened to my year?', 'HUH?!'. My entire year was spent as a workaholic, and I refuse to continue doing. I want time to rest.

Even with that declaration, a force of habit is a hard thing to break. Although I am currently on my holiday vacation until January 7th, I spent my last moments of 2012 working.

Just moments ago, I declined a friend's offer to have dinner together because I have yet to finished the work I have arranged for myself. I'm not stubborn enough not to admit that I need help. I know that in order to change, I have to put effort in it. So for this year, I have made this my resolution among others.

My New Years' Resolution/Wish:

Have more time to relax
Never work on weekends
Have a vacation in another country
Stop making ridiculous list of things to do
Eat together with family at least once a week
Read at least 1 book every month
I wrote a couple more, but I forgot where I placed the paper... So to be continued.
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