Finally Home

My fever has died down but my bodyguards aka my Mum, Dad, and my siblings were watching over me and I wasn't allowed to get on the computer. Although they're like that, I love them to death.

So for the rest of the day, I spend sitting up on my bed spending that time reading the new rules and regulations that I didn't finished. Though I say that, after my dad saw me, he took it away and started lecturing me about how I should focus more on my recovery and stop thinking about work all the time.

Therefore for the rest of the day, there was nothing but sleep, sleep, and more sleep. I don't know if I can sleep any more for tomorrow...

The good news is, I don't have to use IV drips to eat. I was able to eat peacefully without having to throw it all back out. My Mum really knows how to take care of sick people.

Because I was sick, she had to trade shifts with someone else so when I'm sleeping, she will be working, and when I'm awake, she was always there. She changed my bedsheets, cleaned and aired my room.

Now my room is sparkling clean and it smells like wild flowers, just how I like it.

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