Enough lectures for the day

I am completely exhausted.

Today I had a 5 hour lecture about how to increase profits financially in different types of industry. In order to complete my degree, this lecture had a mandatory attendance.

Not only did it stretched my attention span to the limit, my hands and fingers took a toll. I had to constantly type notes down, and copy some drawings.

It makes you wonder why would I go through all the trouble, right?

Well some of our lectures don't have a set date, it just happens out of the blue. So when the professor post date on the student's bulletin board stating that there's a lecture, all of us expect a long one, and all other (Master Accounting/Finance) classes would be cancelled for the day.

Such lectures are called hints and short cut to success. The points given during those lectures are required in many different other lessons.

Therefore, I really pity those that didn't read the notice boards. They were unprepared and lacked the resources to take proper notes. It is fair to assume that there will be quite a number of people borrowing notes tomorrow.

Not only did I had to deal with school, we had an emergency at work, so I was called in. Since I was really tired, I got permission from Steve to take the work home and have it back tomorrow before the meeting at 10am.

I don't have much else to say, so adieu and I'm hitting the sack.

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