Conditions of being a human

Only some will feel something, and the rest will live in apathy and misunderstanding.

The most beautiful people are those that cry over the most simplistic of things. I have no shame in saying that I am not one of those.

Don't be afraid of the dark, because there is nothing to be afraid of. Good and bad are only things that are existant within humanity, and this is something I am ashamed of.

I know I have evil within me, just like everyone of us, but I refuse to be tempted by it, or fear it. I only fear the people who take pride in it and present it so freely.

Even then, they are more cowardly than me. I am not a coward.

Why are there so many things to get across if some will never be used, seen, or felt?

Because you are unfair. You make me think too much, and I spend my life thinking of things to make right, but maybe that IS life. And the pieces of paper I filled with thoughts of you are nothing more than misarranged memories and wishes, that can't helped by crying out when eyes are laid upon them.

I'm still wide open. Come and get me.

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