And the sky consumed us

Tonight, we wandered for eternity just to see your smile. We didn't know what was coming and that made us feel all the worse.

Screw all these rules; their sole purpose is only to hold us back from reaching you. We won’t be stopped. We won’t let that happen. Your voice is unnecessary, because you’ve already told us everything you’ve ever wanted to say in something more clearly than words. If you wish you could talk now, then we would be proven wrong and we’d be happier.

No night has ever lasted this long before.  The moon and the stars smile at me, all kept alive, fuelled by our thinking of you. Let’s just hope you return to how you used to be. And the sky consumed us; the blues and blacks washed over the landscape and made us cold, but we won’t care.

We looked at you, and you looked at us, and we’re all amazed at how easy it was to see straight through each other. We promise this isn’t a pipe dream, because it all happens way too often.

The time will come where we will get lost in the rapture of the world, and from then on, our pieces would become whole and unsalvageable. We don’t see a reason why we should resist, it may well be everything we want and more; comforted by the radiant warmth this solitude has found us.

The horizon would yawn, and every part of this inspiration that we’d searched for would explode and shine. The dark sky would open up, and droplets would swarm and engulf us. Whatever made you let go after that, would be completely beyond our humble control, and we would refuse to accept it, fight against the clouds and never relieve grasp of your hand.

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