And here I thought I could escape...

I thought I wouldn’t be able to post a blog today, but I had forgotten that my iPad always has wireless. It wasn’t until a few minutes ago, when I had a question to ask a co-worker, did I finally notice that I was using the internet… Shame on me!

Without further due, here’s what I wrote for today’s blog:

I was pleasantly surprise with today’s good weather. It wasn’t terribly cold, or windy. Others had arrived at the office without dishevelled hair. Though I said that, it didn’t apply much to one of my good friends, Lisa. 

When she came in, her hair looked like it was on fire. She explained that the cause of it were trains on other lanes passing by in the subway interchange. I understand how windy that might get, but I cannot understand how her hair looked so unkempt… Don’t worry Lisa, I still love you!

The rest of the day was pretty much looking over invoices… 312 pages of it… I still haven’t finished all of them today, so that is on my agenda of things to do tomorrow. Usually I’ll be on my computer and will be working all night long just to get it completed. But thanks to my internet being out, I am able to keep my resolution intact.

This is one of the times that I am grateful for not having internet. I will be able to keep my regular sleep schedule—since Jan 1st—and get my allocated 8 hours of sleep.

Because our new Internet Service Provider will be sending a technician over to our house tomorrow between 2pm to 5pm, I have asked my superiors if I could work from home since my mum has a 16 hours shift at the hospital, and my dad will be busy going over some development planning for new condominium that will begin its construction this coming April 2013.

As all my siblings have school to attend to, and only one of them is over the age of 18, I had no choice but to comply with my father’s request.

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