A bad start?

Just minutes after I posted my previous blog, my internet died.

My new ISP tweeted that they were having problems within the Southern Region of Ontario, where I live. So approximately 17 hours, my internet was non-existent.

It wasn’t really a big deal. I was able to use utilize my time and studied for my business law exam, that was today, and for my accounting an analysis exam, which is tomorrow.

Though I studied for hours, I must admit, it’s hard to juggle between a full time job while trying to earn my Masters degree. If I am unable to score at least 80% average or 3.5GPA, for normal classes, and 90% or 4.5GPA for honours classes, I’ll have to drop out of class…

Since my education is being paid for by the company I’m currently working at, I want to make the best out of it.

As far as my classes go, I’m pretty bored there. I can’t understand why they want students to have work experience, and then teach them what they already know… So a lot of students skip most of the classes, and use that time to drop by the research lab.

Although I try to be a ‘good’ student, I can’t say that I am interest with the topics they teach, so I use that time to do my own work… So wish me luck on my exam, I’m afraid that I’ll need it.

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